What Would You Like Me To Write About?

Since I started this blog, my mind is assaulted everyday with ideas for posts. Most of them are jotted in barely legible writing on a small notepad in my car. I recognize the impulses that spark my writing urges – some stuff is pent-up inside (my kind of personal manifesto), some is reactionary to stuff I see, read, hear. A lot is inspired by you – my friends and family. And by all you lovely people I follow and chat with on Twitter, of course, too.

As my boss, colleague and friend Beth has written, blogging is not about the blogger, it’s about other people.

So, what’s on your mind?

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  1. Just make it interesting content. Humor always work

  2. Annie Moore

     /  January 21, 2012

    I don’t know if I agree that blogging is not about the blogger (because even if a writer is writing about others, there is always the author’s voice present-manifested through what he/she choses to write about others and the world), but I do think there should be a balance between others and the blogger. When I “evaluate” a blog, ultimately there has to be a meaningful take-away-something imprinted upon my soul and intellect that made me think, expand my horizons, look at something in a new way (something as simple as a daily activity). Having that said, I think you should just utilize your strengths and command of the written word to just comment on what comes naturally for now, not forcing it to be anything you are not. In addition, you may not know this, but people like to hear your unique take on things, whatever the content is. So, just write away for now… If you need a writing assignment-do something like “Reflections on a Snowy Day”-how it changes the everyday tempo of life and what great things emerge (family interaction, joys about the simple things in life, like building a snow man, drinking hot chocolate, lighting a fire, connecting with those with whom we live in more than a “just get it done and get through the day’s activities” frame of mind-when we allow ourselves to slow down! How’s that for a start!

  3. Thx for your comments – always insightful!

  4. Bene

     /  January 22, 2012

    Writing can be about the blogger, his/her life, take on things etc. Moreover If the blogger has a life! A possible topic I’d like to read about:

    your first impressions and did they last? Could be of your kids’ school, the city of Boston, your settling in Grenoble, working in PR, being a mom, etc!

    Bonne journee Jolie copine!


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