Two Things I Can Learn From My Daughter

I love my daughter in countless ways. She’s quirky, she’s her own person, often in her own world. She’s as cute as a button and can burp as loud as any beer-swelling trucker.

While I’ll never be able to belch with as much force as she can, there are two other lessons I know I can learn from my daughter and apply to my life:

  • She wakes up every day singing and full of awesome.
  • She is oblivious to whether her top and pants coordinate. Or her socks, for that matter. These things are not priorities in her universe.

So the next time you see me, chances are I’ll be happy, musical and wearing clashing clothes. But I shan’t give a hoot, because life is good!

(Image courtesy of Pigtail Pals, the original “full of awesome”)

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  1. We’ll definitely see and hear you coming then 😉


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