A Simple Message to My Kids: Guns Kill

Guns are not fun; guns are not toys; guns are not light sabers; guns are not video games.


Today, some poor child’s Mommy and Daddy died. Someone’s brother and sister. Cousin. Aunt. Uncle. Friend.

I am unspeakably sad for these poor souls as well as those injured in today’s ghastly, unfathomable attack. And their families.

This is, sadly, not a one-off incident. Guns kill and maim innocent people every day.

THIS is why I don’t like Nerf guns. THIS is why I don’t like you watching scenes from the Transformers movies and similar. THIS is why I prefer that you don’t play senseless and violent video games. THIS is why I encourage you not to build Lego machine guns and pretend chase and shoot each other.

It is not a game. I say again. Guns are not fun. Guns kill. Guns hurt.

I know you’ll find some other implement to pretend fight with. It’s innate. Good versus evil is at the core of every story and every reality. Take guns away from demented or evil or sick people and yes, they will find another tool with which to hurt. Politics is not part of this discussion.

But as I read the news today and try to process the horror of this and figure how – or if – I should explain this to my kids, these two words scream from my head and my heart.

Guns Kill.

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  1. I feel your visceral, immediate, pained reaction to something so tragic. I understand completely. I know every psychologist and child expert talks about how normal it is for kids to play killing games, and try to work out their understanding of such things. But sometimes it’s reallllly hard to let that happen, especially in light of a horror like this.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Thx for understanding. My kids are way too young as it is to be told about yesterday & I wouldn’t want to warp their innocence with it. But I struggle with their preference for guns as toys. Even when we prohibit them they still find a way to create them, even imaginary. I guess I should read up on this because I see it everywhere & am sure I was the same as a kid. Any resources you could suggest?


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