Six Reasons Why I Like Working from Home on Fridays

As my readers may know, I have just resumed working a full-time schedule which means that Fridays are no longer spent at my daughter’s dance class, running errands and hanging with other Mom friends. Fortunately my company InkHouse has a “work from home Fridays” policy which makes this transition to full-time less challenging. In fact, the truth is, I’ve really enjoyed working these last two Fridays! Here’s why:

  1. Fewer meetings and impromptu conversations means I can focus – as well as plow through my to-do list
  2. Getting dressed and showered is optional
  3. Alone-time (a rare treat for this working Mom)
  4. I can lunch peacefully on the deck, looking out at our beautiful back yard
  5. The fridge is full (today with leftover birthday cake – oh well!)
  6. I can play whatever music I like (and am not forced to listen to country music which often happens at the office.

Hope your Friday was great too. Have a fun weekend, folks!

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