20 Ways to Spot a Mom in the Workplace

  1. She might arrive at 9.30am  and leave at 5pm – but is on email as early as 6am in the morning and also every evening after 8pm.
  2. Mommy hair.
  3. If you are struggling to explain something, she’ll gently remind you to “use your words.”
  4. She has peanut butter smears on her legs and unidentifiable crusty things on her shoulders. Don’t ask.
  5. When you crouch under the conference table to plug something in, she’ll cover the table corner with her hand and remind you to “watch your head” as you get up.
  6. She excels at negotiating (she gets a lot of practice at home.)
  7. She is always tired.
  8. She always brings (extra) snacks to meetings, just in case anyone gets peckish.
  9. She is wrought with self-doubt about her looks and clothing, especially when surrounded by gorgeous 20 somethings at the office.
  10. She bores/entertains you with stories of whatever her kid did/said. Just nod and smile, please.
  11. Her desk is littered with family photos and random kids’ artwork.
  12. She wears her heart on her sleeve.
  13. She’ll ask if anyone needs a potty break during a long meeting.
  14. She spells out swear words.
  15. The workplace is her sanctuary from the chaos of home. It’s her grown-up time.
  16. She is a multi-tasking ninja queen.
  17. If you look in her bag, you are sure to find the odd Lego piece, plastic jewelry and crumbled/sticky snack item. (She’s been known to accidentally present a Thomas the Tank or Pokemon card instead of a business card.)
  18. You can count on her having tissues, hand sanitizer and baby wipes on her. Often, band-aids and neosporin too. Cos you know, ouchies and spills happen.
  19. The glee with which she accepts the occasional after-work drink with work-mates is matched only by the speed with which she gulps, and the ferocity with which she clings to, her large glass of red wine.
  20. She embodies empathy and perspective.

(Thanks to my friend Gale for the inspiration for, and several additions, to this post!)

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  1. jessica

     /  October 9, 2012

    sooo funny. I did #5 yesterday without even batting an eye!


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