15 Mommy Super Powers

Like so many of us, it wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized how very special my own Mum/Mom is. I mean I already knew she was the best Mom on Earth, but until it was my turn, I did not appreciate the incredible super powers that (magically?) come with the role.

For example:

  1. She has eyes in the back of her head. (Well of course I was going to start with that one!)
  2. Tooth fairy.
  3. She can heal an ouchie with her kiss.
  4. Instant lie detection capability.
  5. She has the uncanny ability to know where almost any lost item can be found.
  6. She can see a meltdown coming and immediately activate diversionary tactics.
  7. She is primed and ready for all potential eventualities and is equipped with wipes, band aids, snacks, motrin, books, toys, bibs, play dough, markers, more snacks, sparkles, glue sticks, more snacks, tiara, scrunchies – and not forgetting spare undies and socks.
  8. She can scare off anything that goes bump in the night.
  9. She has lightening speed reactions – can catch a cup before it spills, protect a little head before it bumps something.
  10. She can tune out the whining, or incessantly repetitive book reading/song playing …. most of the time (my daughter calls this my “ray shield force.”)
  11. Through creativity and sheer survival instinct, she has the power to convert a no into a yes. (Or, at best, a “fine!” delivered with crossed arms and a pout.)
  12. She can detect her own child’s cry from among hundreds of other kids and from a 10,000-meter range.
  13. Similarly, within nanoseconds, she can determine from a single cry, whether her child is hurt, sick, hungry, tired or just faking.
  14. And, with just one look or touch, she can tell if her kid has a fever or is about to puke.
  15. She sends them off to the land of nod knowing they are safe and loved – every single night until they leave for colleage.

To those of you who say they did not get memo (that’d be you @ChantalSaville) I don’t believe it for a moment. With motherhood comes the instant super power to love something more than you’ve ever imagined possible. As well as a deeper, more infinite appreciation for wine, alone time, the spa, ice cream, other Moms … and so on.

Happy Friday, to all my fellow Moms with Super Powers!

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  1. See? I didn’t get the memo. But, oddly, I do have everything you wrote within my capacity: Except the Sparkles… I don’t do sparkles. Have you ever tried to get that crap out from between floorboards?

    • I don’t do sparkles either but fortunately, neither do my kids. I’ve also never allowed glitter into the house. I have other considerable, unidentifiable and strangely sticky crap between the floorboards tho.

  2. Not so good with number 12, (“is this mine?…hum not sure..”), but love number 16!
    And Sam the magic kiss does not work all the time, I write this comment from the persiatric ER where I’ve been with Arthaud for the last 30 hours or so (bad fever and dehydration)- not knowing if we’ll be out tonight or stay longer… And trust me I’ve tried the magic mummy kisses, many many times.
    Thanks for the good reads Sam. Bises

    • oh no, poor Arthaud … keep us posted ….sending good vibes …. I’m sure he appreciates the kisses even tho it hasn’t worked it’s magic yet.

  3. Annie Moore

     /  November 2, 2012

    Nothing short of awesome! Thanks Sam!

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