A Month of Gratitude: Part Three

I’m a little behind schedule with this one but better late than never, right? We arrived home last night after four days celebrating Thanksgiving with family in Pennsylvania. The long drive down and back, as well as the refreshing break from the usual hustle and bustle—not to mention the holiday itself—provided a host of reasons for gratitude, including these:

My husband and his patient, skillful driving, especially at night: most of us Brits won’t drive more than two hours without an overnight stay so it’s fantastic that my husband willingly and competently will drive a straight 5-6 hours from the suburbs of Boston to the suburbs of Philadelphia, and then back again. One more reason why he is my rock.

Inspiration, courtesy of TED Talks: to while away the boredom as we sped through New York and New Jersey in the wee hours, we listened to a couple of the most-viewed TED Talks. Take it from me, if you are looking for a fresh perspective, mind-altering inspiration, then dial-up a couple of these wonders. This was the one that is still in my head (see the video below.) Worth your time and introspection, believe me.

My family but especially my sister-in-law: Debbie, sorry to embarrass you here, but I feel compelled to let you know. I’ve always appreciated your down-to-earthness, warmth, generosity and the way you take stuff in your stride, with positivity. I’m even more in awe of your ability to host a large and delicious Thanksgiving meal without fuss or fret. There was so much to enjoy this visit but spending time and laughing with you made it extra special.

Sleep: If I was forced to choose between sleeping and eating, it’d be a really tough call. Catching up on those much-needed zzzzz’s these past four days was a real treat. My batteries are almost recharged.

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was equally enjoyable.

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  1. Ruth

     /  November 25, 2012

    Samantha, I think you’ve maybe exaggerated the need for overnight stays when driving long distances in the UK: one friend has spent 11 hours on the road this week end driving to/from London/Manchester and another regularly drives across to Manchester from Norfolk; a return journey of somewhere between eight and 10 hours. Perhaps we take our Kendal Mint Cake & a flask, and a travel rug, however, we still driving the distance.

    • Good for you! I used to go to & from Manchester a lot (went to Uni there) and it always involved an overnight. Maybe it was just my family. Still driving for more than 3 hours is an anathema to me!!


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