But Enough About Me ….

Shameless plug alert: I am thrilled to be the Featured Parent Blogger this week on Boston.com Moms! If you want to be featured, or nominate another local parent blogger, here’s the link. It’s a great resource!

Today, Boston.com asked me to prepare 20 facts about me and my blog – you can find it and the ensuring discussion published here – but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share it here too. So here goes!

  1. I am grateful everyday for my Mom friends. They are my muses.
  2. I am also grateful every for my kids and husband who provide me with endless blog worthy material.
  3. I have lived in the US for 13 years; I lived in France before that and the UK before that.
  4. I am a lapsed Jew married to a practicing Catholic. Which is probably why my son believes leprechauns are from Israel.
  5. I met my husband on a blind date.
  6. My dog is a thief
  7. I love anchovies and loathe licorice, eggplant and watermelon.
  8. Without spellcheck, allll mi wurds wood bee speld rong.
  9. But I can spot someone else’s typo from 100 feet.
  10. I love to dance but need someone to dance with me
  11. I love doing the laundry. I know, it’s strange. 
  12. I value kindness above all. And then silliness.
  13. I suffer from Mommy hair but I’d really love to have long red curly locks like Merida from Brave.
  14. I’d rather be asleep. Or eating. Or both?
  15. I tweet. A lot. Mostly because it’s part of my job but also because I love to interact with other parents, expats, local folks, colleagues, clients and reports. You can find me at @samanthamcgarry.
  16. I live an imaginary life on Pinterest where I seem to pin recipes I will never cook, clothes I will never wear and so on.
  17. I love blogging. Why did I not do it sooner?
  18. My kids are a constant source of humor, energy, admiration, inspiration, disbelief, stress and drinking.
  19. I am a TV addict. Favorite shows are The West Wing, Mad Men, Homeland, Greys, So You Think You Can Dance and more. And isn’t it amazing how you can always find an episode of Law & Order somewhere on TV?
  20. I speak French. Also I dream in French often, which is weird but rather amazing. I even blogged in French once. 

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 5.12.16 PM

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