A Small Favo(u)r To Ask

I have submitted my post He Slips His Hand Into Mine for consideration for BlogHer’s Voices of the Year.

This post wasn’t one of my normal tongue-in-cheek Mommy cry-for-help posts or one of my random observations about domesticity and family life. It wasn’t even my usual style of writing. But it quite literally poured out of me until I stood back from it and thought “wow.” And, according to the feedback I’ve received, it hit a note with parents by capturing a tiny slice of time in the parent/child relationship that passes so quickly. I know I’ll be looking back at this post when my son is older to hopefully re-discover the beauty and importance of that moment.

In any case, if you too enjoyed this post, then would you mind taking less than a minute to vote for it by going to this link and clicking vote – http://bher.co/HMZ

(FYI: You  need to log-in to vote – if you’d rather not give your email address, you can easily log-in with your social creds. They do it to ward off spammers. But, if that’s a pain or you’d rather not, don’t worry.)

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


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