For the Love of … Tupperware (Not!)

My mother always says ‘there’s a lid for every pot,’ meaning there’s a match out there for each and every one of us. While this may apply to our love lives, it does not translate to my tupperware cupboard. Lawd, how I dislike tupperware.

And this evening, I lost it. I was looking for a particular-sized tupperware container. Meaning, I had to reluctantly rummage among the mismatched, chaotically organized lids and containers. Could I find what I was looking for? Of course not. Not only could I not find what I needed but the rummaging caused lids to fly and containers to topple. Ever so quickly, I tried to slam shut the cupboard door so that the lava of plastic vomit would not cascade out onto the floor. I managed to somewhat stem the flow but the dratted door wouldn’t shut. I opened it another teeny inch, squeezed my arm in and blindly waved it about, hoping to jigger the insides into a less imbalanced stack of plastic. But alas, the door would still not shut.

So I swore. And walked away.

Being somewhat of a control freak, maybe you are surprised at my lack of desire/need to corral these plastic tubs into orderly discipline. However deep my desire for neatly stacked, logistically organized kitchen cupboards, the reality is I don’t like the smell of day-old food hermetically-sealed in plastic, I don’t like packed lunches and I don’t much like leftovers.

Ergo, I don’t like tupperware.

So there you have it.

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  1. A few months ago, I came home from work and went straight to unload the dishwasher and to face our Tupperware demon. I too hate leftovers and packed lunches–but my husband does not. In a fit of rage, I stopped for a few minutes and organized the damn cupboard. Since then, it’s actually stayed pretty well organized. But I think that’s only because I’m the one usually doing the dishes, and I just couldn’t take it anymore! Great post.

  2. My Tupperware is fine — the love life is another story!

  3. Reblogged this on Eugénie Street and commented:
    Rebloging this post from my Boston-Brit friend Sam, to offer a piece of simple advice…

  4. Hi Sam, I reblog! I have been there: the mess, the lids flying, the containers toppling… Until one day, the last time we moved (6 times in the last decade…), I just threw away all my mismatched plastic mess, and bought 2 sets of Ikea tupperware. And then I put these in a small kitchen bottom drawer, so it can’t topple out, it’s easy to look into, and easy to reach, it takes about 2 seconds to grab container and matching lid. My life has changed!
    Here is a picture for you on my blog here

  5. Karen S

     /  July 18, 2013

    I love your writing, Samantha! “Lava of plastic vomit” could become a household phrase. I also adore leftovers if only because I don’t have to shop and cook for that meal! And if you don’t like them hermetically sealed in plastic, there are a nice assortment of glass containers with plastic lids you can get at Costco at a very reasonable price. It’s also easier to see what’s in the glass container than any of my plastic ones.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment! I do prefer the glass ones (they smell less of leftovers than the plastic ones). Thanks for stopping by to comment – I appreciate it!


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