Why Do Boys Not Feel The Cold?

This week the weather turned in New England. The mornings and evenings became distinctly brisker. People started wearing fleeces, scarves. Fireplaces were lit, heating turned on. Everyone felt the chill.

Except my son.

Who, until Wednesday this week, was still wearing shorts and a t-shirt everyday. And who has lost/misplaced every single sweatshirt, hoodie or fleece he’s ever owned.

I considered it a minor victory that, on Wednesday, he actually agreed to wear long pants. But refused a long-sleeve shirt. Fine, be cold, I said being the caring parent I am as I dropped him off to walk the back path to school. Yes, I felt a tad guilty about packing him off in just a t-shirt when it was 40F out, but I figured he had to learn the hard, cold way. Supportive tweets from pals in similar situations made me feel less of a bitch about it.

Well, that backfired. The little dude didn’t complain one iota about being cold.

So I now have his theory. Not that I’m a scientist, anthropologist or anything ist that qualifies me other than being a mom and observing hoards of other kids in their natural habitats.

My theory is that boys aged roughly between the ages of 6-12 years-old have no nerve endings when it comes to feeling the cold. They have these crazy metabolism that run riot inside their energetic little bodies that keep them running wild and warm. This, surely, is why they reject long sleeve pants and tops even when the rest of us are freezing our nipples off. In my son’s case, this also applies to rejecting pajamas at night.

So there you have it.

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