The Lost Mittens

Despite best efforts at labeling, reminding, scolding & bribing, my son has already lost most of the items lovingly provided to him by his hard-working parents designed to keep him warm.

So far, somewhere between our home, my car, his classroom, the bus & the after school program, he has lost:

  • 2 hoodies
  • 1 sweatshirt
  • 1 snow coat
  • 3.5 pairs of gloves/mittens

And it’s not even winter officially yet!

He’s a bright boy. He understands that these items cost money and that we are not going to buy a new snow coat every time he loses one. He also understands that without these items, he will inevitably/eventually be cold (see earlier post asking why  boys do not feel the cold?)

Yet somehow, this understanding doesn’t translate into him stopping when relocating – for just one teeny second – to consider whether he has everything with him that he needs.

  • Other ideas I’ve mulled over to remedy this situation include:
  • Letting him be cold.
  • Inventing a sign that follows him around that says “Stop: do you have your coat/hat/mittens/underpants?”
  • Making him buy new items with his pocket money.
  • Making all his Chanukah/birthday/Christmas presents replacements for these lost items – instead of toys.

Any other suggestions gratefully accepted!

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  1. I don’t know how I missed this post, but as soon as I read it I knew I had to comment! I remember those days so clearly! We ended up dealing with this by buying fleeces at the second hand shop. I refused to pay very much for them because those were ALWAYS being thrown off while running around on the playground at lunch never to be seen again! ALWAYS! We used to go through 6 or 7 a season for EACH boy! I’m not exaggerating at all here either! Hand-me-downs were wonderful as well. Mittens – ARGH! – I’d buy them in bulk at Ocean State Job Lot. I used to try to get at least 6 identical pairs hoping that by the end of the season we’d have at least one matching set. I was just cleaning out an old box of gloves and mittens, and in it were 6 singletons of various sizes. I didn’t even hesitate, I just threw them out. I will say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Both my boys have the same jackets they got two years ago. (As you know, they are big now, so they wear things for multiple seasons.) They are fairly expensive Northface jackets, so they were threatened within an inch of their life about losing them. But I think the main reason they haven’t lost them is that they really like them. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that G is a normal kid and that I do feel your pain.


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