Working Mom Poll: Makeup Dilemmas

Most mid-week mornings, I pull into the parking lot at work, already running late and harried. And it’s there, in my car, that I hastily throw on my makeup. The goal of which is to mostly make me feel more put together/awake but also I feel it’s my duty to protect my co-workers from having to see their reflections in my shiny nose and forehead.

Like most working Moms, mid-week mornings are manic: trying to herd the kids while at the same time making ourselves presentable for the outside, professional world. Success (a sliding scale) largely depends on the age of your kids and how much of the morning routine they can do for themselves – but ultimately, kids are easily distracted and before you’ve had a chance to take a bite of toast, pack their lunches, iron anything (ha!) or hunt for library books, it’s time to hustle them – and you – out of the door and to school/preschool/daycare/work.

So I wondered, am I alone in my inability to apply makeup before leaving the house or do you, fellow working Moms, also find yourself slapping on the mascara and lipstick sitting in your car outside your office? You tell me.

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  1. My bigger dilemma is the reapplication of make up. I don’t wear a ton, but after a couple of hours, it looks like I never put any on to begin with. Lately I’ve been bringing my make up bag to work and reapplying before any big meetings, but I think it might be time to buy a second set and leave it at the office.

  2. For me, it’s the difficult reality of being incredibly vain AND a working mother. While I have been told there will be a day I no longer care, I haven’t seen it yet.

  3. Jenn

     /  March 28, 2014

    As long as my skin looks ok, I am ok with skipping makeup. I generally only wear it if I am going out or on special occasions. Maybe I should use it more, but it hasn’t made it to my priority list. 😦

  4. I manage to get it on before I leave the house but I’ve been toying with putting the mascara on at work just to save a few precious minutes during the morning madhouse rush.


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