What I See

I see clouds that make the sky seem like a giant cotton wool bouncy house

I see kids cartoons that glorify violence but also celebrate good vs evil

I see people who are emotionally invested in their work

I see glee & curiosity & pride in the eyes of young children

I see clothes/shoes that need buying and wearing

I see Adam Levine

I see people in need of an ear & a shoulder (lean on me?)

I see other Moms trying to doing their very best

I see colors that ignite my creativity & joie de vivre

I see the here and now

I see books that need reading

I see my friends, my family, my co-workers

I see people who work to live and people who live to work

I see laundry

I see food I’d love to eat if it had no calories

I see time ticking by ….

I see choices & self-determination & conviction

I see opportunity & optimism

I see people who deserve more

I see selflessness & generosity

I see the glass half full

What do you see?

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