A Love Letter to Mom Friends

One of the very best and unanticipated outcomes of motherhood – other than, you know, having kids – has been my Mom friends. So, on this Valentine’s Day, this is my salute to you from me, with love.

You get it.

You’ve got my back and I’ve got yours.

You don’t judge; you help.

You are the best sounding board – source of advice, recipes, spousal frustrations and snark.

Insanity is forgiven, as are tardiness, sticky floors and yoga pants.

Oh how we laugh together!

You’re my emergency contact on school and camp forms (and I don’t have to ask.)

Whether you work or stay home – really, who cares: you are still a Mom and a friend.

You are my muse.

(p.s. Dad friends, you are pretty awesome too.)


What I See

I see clouds that make the sky seem like a giant cotton wool bouncy house

I see kids cartoons that glorify violence but also celebrate good vs evil

I see people who are emotionally invested in their work

I see glee & curiosity & pride in the eyes of young children

I see clothes/shoes that need buying and wearing

I see Adam Levine

I see people in need of an ear & a shoulder (lean on me?)

I see other Moms trying to doing their very best

I see colors that ignite my creativity & joie de vivre

I see the here and now

I see books that need reading

I see my friends, my family, my co-workers

I see people who work to live and people who live to work

I see laundry

I see food I’d love to eat if it had no calories

I see time ticking by ….

I see choices & self-determination & conviction

I see opportunity & optimism

I see people who deserve more

I see selflessness & generosity

I see the glass half full

What do you see?

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