Because Fall

Because colors and sparkling sunlight
Because carpets of crackling leaves
Because the russet smell of the first fires
Because pumpkin spices and shades of port
Because fall makes me breathlessly happy to be alive

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Photography: Clouds

Last week I shared my snaps of the abundant colo(u)rs of the fall leaves which, this very weekend here in Massachusetts, are at their peak. Much as I have been obsessed with photographing their amazing scope of colors, I’ve also been addicted to photographing the skies and especially the clouds, in all their crazy, strange forms in different types of weather. After all, we spend so much of our time squinting at our smartphones, staring at other screens, commuting, face-to-face with other faces and in crowds that, sometimes, it feels good to stop and look up at the vast heavens above and take a deep breath. And a photo or two.

Here are some of mine. Enjoy.

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